Airy Nuts are made by Josie (me) from Aussie Kidlets.

The Airy Nuts Dryer Balls are made from 100% Australian Wool which is wet felted to make a tight ball that wont fall apart.

If you like the idea of saving money and helping to get your clothes dry faster, then Airy Nuts Dryer Balls are just what you need!

I never had a dryer until just before I had my first child – I must say, I’m so glad I got one before having children. I now have 2 young children (both in cloth nappies!) and we seem to have at least 2 loads of washing on each day. This can be okay in the Summer, but with Canberra winters it can be almost impossible to have dry clothes for 4 people all the time without the use of a dryer.

I love being able to save time and energy costs while still being able to have my household running (reasonably) smoothly.

All I need now is a machine that will put my nappies together as well as sorting and folding my clothes – if only!


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